The Sand Guys will be sculpting a grand display this February at the beautiful La Quinta Resort and Club in Palm Springs.

Las Vegas any one? Come see the Sand Guys at the World of Concrete trade show as we create the ultimate display for Marshalltown, the first name in concrete tools.

In Oahu this February? Check out the Sand Guys at AlaMoana Beach Park.

How do you get your sand sculpture into MILLIONS of American homes?...Build it for the cover of Lands End Spring/Kids catalog.

Sand Sculpture is what we do, if your business is looking for a Team Building Activity, Special Event Promotion or Live Entertainment, the Sand Guys are the perfect sand sculpture company for the job.

With two seasons of Sand Masters airing on Travel Channel the Sand Guys have become the most recognized sand sculptors in the world. Our sculptures have been seen and enjoyed by millions in over thirty countries and nearly every state in the Union. If you want to create media buzz and generate foot traffic, nothing works better than an original Sand Guys sand sculpture.

Having 30 years of experience and our own T.V. show gives us a unique opportunity to work with the Hollywood elite, Fortune 500 companies and the kids next door.

We continually push the boundaries by finding new ways to use the art of sand sculpture as a fun, interactive, promotional tool. Whether its at home on California's central coast or in the south pacific, we always meet our clients goals while maintaining the highest artistic standards.

Our team of specialized sculptors enables Sand Guys to create the perfect masterpieces regardless of the concept or crowd, including corporate logos, detailed architecture, realistic human anatomy, mind-blowing mechanical sculptures and, of course, majestic sand castles.

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